Cute clothes that come to you

I love that I get things I never would have tried on in a store, but they actually fit me and look good! I also love that each piece comes with a tag with two ideas of how to wear it. Help for people who need help or they fall in a rut, like me. So – if you’re like me, you need help in the fashion department and you don’t have time to shop, I suggest you give Stitch Fix a try.
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My fashion fairy godmother

When I received the package, I opened up my letter….Alexandra mentions that she saw I had pinned a shirt.  While she didn’t send the shirt, she sent the same style/color in a maxi.  She also commented on how one of the shirts from the last fix fit.  Which means she must have read the post, how awesome is that?  It shows that the stylists really do go out of the way to try and send stuff that you will like!  She is like my fashion fairy godmother.

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Got my first Stitch Fix!

…This is perfect for all those who want to have fun fashion, but just can’t seem to get out of the house to go shopping for it. It’s online shopping with a twist, since you get your own stylist picking out items just for you. Another great addition is that each item also comes with a styling card to give you ideas on how to style you new pieces. I loved almost everything I got…

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Stitch Fix, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

So I heard about this thing called Stitch Fix.
Maybe because I can not stand to go shopping.
Maybe because when come to “style” I seem to be severely lacking.  (What?  You mean those holey yoga pants shouldn’t be worn 24/7?)
Maybe because the thought of going to the mall and shopping makes me want to throw up a little.
Maybe just to reward myself for 50+ lbs lost, I decided to give Stitch Fix a whirl…

My second “fix” was beyond fabulous and thus the reason I had to tell y’all about it and pass on a great thing!  I am SO happy that I tried Stitch Fix again!  All 5 items fit great!  I loved the styles!  My stylist chose items more in the price range I preferred.  And I mostly loved that they were things that I probably wouldn’t have picked out for myself, but when I tried them on, especially combining them with things I already had in my closet, I really liked what the stylist picked out for me!  I wanted to keep all of them, which maybe I should have because if you keep all 5 items they mark it down 25%!   But I narrowed it down to 3 tops that I just couldn’t part with and sent the other 2 items back. Did I mention shipping is free both ways?  See it got even better!…”

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I got my first box and I LOVE it!!

…So so fun to open it up and see what they picked out for you. One thing Shelly and I have noticed is that the items they send are usually things we would not have picked out ourselves…and don’t always look super exciting on the hanger.  But trying them on makes a HUGE difference — it all looks so cute and I love it.

First up was a sheer tank with a tie front.  Here they have it paired with jeans and a denim coat, or a skirt and heels.

I love tanks like this because it can go from Summer to Fall very easily!!…

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