Want to be featured on Stitch Fix Reviews?

Stitch Fix Reviews is the spot to share real stories about your Stitch Fix experiences. We absolutely love seeing how you style your Fixes, and so do our clients (It’s a great place to gain exposure for your blog!).

Want to be featured on Stitch Fix Reviews? Here are some quick tips to give your blog post the best chance of being selected:

1. Focus on photo quality

We love pretty pictures! We look for good lighting, in-focus, bright, airy photos with nice backgrounds (pro tip: outdoor shots have beautiful, natural lighting). We want to see your smiling face and your styled Stitch Fix goodies, so no bathroom selfies, please!

2. Did you spell check that?

Sometimes your fingers move a little too fast on the keyboard, and we get it. But on Stitch Fix Reviews, we usually quote your own words verbatim, so please be sure to take the extra effort to spell check.

3. Tell us your story!

We love to hear your personal story—how you found us and why you are excited about Stitch Fix. Tell us how the convenience of a personal stylist gives you time back in your day, or how your new wardrobe makes you feel amazing. Our clients love anecdotal tidbits about your experience.

One thought on “Want to be featured on Stitch Fix Reviews?

  1. Hi!
    For this past month’s fix I asked to be styled for a co-worker’s September wedding. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results! Super flattering and spot-on for the tone of the day.
    Thanks so much!!

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