Stitch Fix Review by A: My favorite color to wear!

Receiving this beautiful fix just a few days before Christmas myself certainly made it feel special. Not to mention there were some pretty cool things inside. I requested sweaters and my stylist sent the most perfect one!

This is probably my most favorite Stitch Fix keeper ever. If ever there were a sweater for me, it’s this one. It’s heavy, comfy, and provides full coverage. It’s also super casual but can also be dressed up. And, it’s in my favorite color to wear! Super affordable too.

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Stitch Fix Review by Haley: Magically flattering and I kind of love it

Well, I never thought I’d see the day, but I have found the poncho that makes me question my blanket dislike for ponchos. The draping is somehow magically flattering and I kind of love it.

This one is so soft and has sleeves attached. I also really like the neckline/collar. It’s great worn on its own (with a cami or tee underneath), or as just an easy extra layer. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… I love this poncho. So comfortable, it drapes well and isn’t hideously unflattering. Plus I love this brown color, which I really don’t have much of in my wardrobe. Major props to my stylist for picking this for me.

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Stitch Fix Review by Kim: Too freakin’ cute

I’m all about casual cool for my latest post, anddddd I’m wearing Stitch Fix from head to toe, ha.  Don’t judge me, guys.  Their clothing’s just too freakin’ cute. I centered my latest around a blue/gray color scheme!  I started with a simple striped shirt and threw on a drape cardigan to match. I decided to keep things more casual with jeans.

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Stitch Fix Review by Carly: Fits like a dream

I’m dreaming of holiday parties, hot chocolate and twinkling lights.  Last month’s Stitch Fix was a total home run, and I have to admit….I was over the moon excited to get this month’s. The great thing? When you join Stitch Fix, you fill out an extensive styling profile.  You can request certain items or even ask for options for a specific event and you choose how often you get a fix.

I was hoping I’d receive a not too expensive holiday dress in my fix……and this one? Totally fit the bill.  It fits like a dream and is classic enough to keep for years to come!

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Stitch Fix Review by Megan: Perfect for a holiday lunch

I’m sharing a great look for those holiday luncheons. They keep popping up more and more as clients and companies seem to be cutting back on the big holiday parties in the evening and rather opting for a lunch celebration. Selecting a holiday lunch outfit can be tricky. I like to look a little dressier but not crossing the line into party dress. This sparkly blue blouse is perfect for a holiday lunch. I really like the top’s bold colors and the sheer detail. It definitely feels ideal for a holiday lunch celebration.

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Stitch Fix Review by Jenn: Holiday party-ready styles

A new month always brings a new package on my doorstep, and my stylist did not disappoint again! I asked her for holiday party-ready styles, and she most definitely delivered.

Um, velvet? Yes please! If there’s one 90s trend you must try, it’s velvet. Especially with it being holiday party season, velvet becomes the perfect addition to your wardrobe. This adorable dress is exceptionally comfortable (thanks in part to the drawstring waist!) and the burn out pattern is so chic.

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Stitch Fix Review by Elif: Fun, and a happy vibe

I squealed with excitement, got surprised & giddy, styled all the pieces in many outfits, and purchased from this wonderful company 50 times as well. LOVE this love affair we’ve got going on with Stitch Fix, and I never want to stop!

This pair of pants was so cheerful. Not only were the pants in one of the seasons  trendiest colors, mustard, but they also had a soft fabric and a comfortable fit. The skinny corduroy pair was by far my favorite piece of my box. They brought fun, and a happy vibe to my closet!

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Stitch Fix Review by Meredith: My stylist totally nailed it

I was excited to refresh my fall-into-winter wardrobe a bit, especially as we move into the holiday season. Well, I think it’s safe to say my stylist totally nailed it.

I LOVE this. I’ve actually been looking for something a lot like it for a while. It’s a heavy sweater, nice and thick, and high quality. SO comfy and warm! And, pockets!

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Stitch Fix Review by Elysia: So on-trend

I told my stylist I wanted to try out the Athleisure trend. Like cozy but sporty but fashionable but comfortable? Great for holiday lounging and eating.

I was so surprised to pull this out of my box. So much coolness! I feel fashionable and comfy in it. It’s lined with the satiny fabric on the inside as well as a thicker satiny polyester fabric on outside. It’s like a bomber style jacket, right? I’ve always seen these in the thick puffy variety. I’m pretty sure I had one in the 90s. This one however, is so light! Close fit style and pockets. So on-trend Stitch Fix! Bravo.

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Stitch Fix Review by Greta: Perfect to wear for a holiday feast

In order to beef up my capsule wardrobe for fall, and stick to my personal favorite look, I requested that in this Stitch Fix I get all neutrals!  I love the pieces my stylist picked for me this time around.  A good mix of styles, and a pair of jeans that finally weren’t skinny jeans (which I can only wear so much.)

When I first opened my box I marveled at how soft the material is – and I really liked the blush pink color intermingled with black and brown and gray thread in the print.  I guess that is what “marled” means…and I like it.  The top half is fitted and very flattering – plus, I think that a 3/4 length sleeve always makes your arms seem leaner, which is a plus!  The bottom half is loose yet still hangs nicely – and this top will be perfect to wear for a holiday feast…so much room in the tummy section.

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