Stitch Fix Review by Carrie: New clothes for vacationing

Recently I ordered a Stitch Fix Box (#9 for me), so that I could possibly find some new clothes for vacationing. I haven’t done a Stitch Fix box in awhile, so I was really excited to receive it. I told them I mostly wanted tops, gingham, ruffles, a dress for a tropical vacation and a nice pair of distressed shorts. Well, they did AWESOME and I received 3 tops, a dress and a pair of distressed denim shorts.

I was looking to add more gingham to my closet and blue isn’t a color I have a lot of in my closet. I fell in love with this top and the price was pretty decent, so I decided to keep it! I may wear this red, white and blue look on the 4th of July.

I kept these distressed shorts. I loved that they weren’t TOO distressed, just one patch on them. I love that the ends are frayed, so I can wear these cuffed, not cuffed (for the frayed edge) or just rolled up once (and not cuffed), like I did here. These are super cute shorts and they fit me to a ‘T’. I do wish they had been just a LITTLE longer, but they were so comfortable that I had to have them. I know these will be on repeat every week!

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Stitch Fix Review by Sara: AH-MAZING

Stitch Fix is amazing for those who don’t like to shop/don’t know what type of clothing to choose/want to be more adventurous or update their style.

I don’t have a denim jacket, but I always secretly wanted one. I think what kept me from getting one was the vision of the stiff denim hanging on my body with little drape. Well, this Liverpool denim jacket is AH-MAZING. The denim is a dark wash and very stretchy. It also has a bit of weight to it, so I feel that it hangs on my body nicely. It’s the perfect length and I adore it, and I’m excited to wear it since it matches with pretty much anything.

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Stitch Fix Review by Ashley: My favorite Stitch Fix item to date

When I saw the vibrant pattern of this top I immediately told my husband that I hoped it would fit. It is unlike any top tank or blouse that I have in my wardrobe and screams Summer. I have worn it four times already – once with white jeans, once with dark jeans, once with jean shorts and even tucked into a navy pencil skirt for work! The cut and style which includes a slim halter strap as well as a v-neck flatters my shoulders and flat chest while the bottom portion is flowy enough to be comfortable but doesn’t add bulk or size. This is hands down my favorite Stitch Fix item to date!

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Stitch Fix Review by Desiree: I was thrilled when I pulled this gem out of the box

For this fix I had our annual trip to Cabo in mind. I’m in dire need of some new clothes that are acceptable for the beach as well as all summer long. Along with beach-worthy clothes I also asked for some sandals that would be beach and summer appropriate.

I’ve been seeing so many cute crochet detailed items out there, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t desperately want one for my own closet. I was thrilled when I pulled this gem out of the box. The lace detail is minimal, but adds such a boost to a top that would otherwise just be another tank. The straps are wide enough that they cover bra straps. It’s super lightweight. And, I love that the back hangs just a bit longer than the front.

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Stitch Fix Review by Lillian Grace: Black cardigans are the single most versatile clothing option on earth

Those of you who already subscribe to Stitch Fix or any similar box can understand the feeling when you see the mail carrier walking up with that lovely box in hand. Pure joy! We call it Fix-mas, because it makes you feel that “kid on christmas morning” anticipation and excitement. What has my Fairy Godmother/ Stylist picked for me this time? The packing folks at Stitch Fix really do a great job in making each Fix feel like a  a gift wrapped present.

Finally, a piece that I have been lusting after for almost a year was finally available in my size, the Pixley Martina slub knit cardigan in black. SUPER duper soft and has really long sleeves, pockets, and folds up so small you can shove it into your purse without a thought. Yay! I am of the opinion that black cardigans are the single most versatile clothing option on earth.

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Stitch Fix Review by April: Box #24 brought me so much JOY

Box #24 brought me so much JOY! This fix was very much my style and it completely made my week! I loved all of the items and think my stylist really nailed my style in this one. Also, she provided my first head to toe Stitch Fix look with these shoes and I LOVE it!

This blouse was the one thing I could not find when I peeked after my Fix shipped. I was so excited to see it in person because it is lovely and the perfect combination of feminine and edgy. After I tried it on, I could not stop thinking about the detailing. I can see this transitioning easily from daytime shopping to concerts in the evening.

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Stitch Fix Review by Brittany: This might be my favorite Stitch Fix piece of all time

I had been pinning away this month on Pinterest so I was hoping my stylist would find lots of inspiration there. My stylist picked out some great pieces for me that fit everything I asked for. She really paid attention to my style and Pinterest board.

I LOVE this vest.  This might be my favorite Stitch Fix piece of all time.  I love the quilted leather moto look it has, I love the navy color, and the super cute details on the collar and pockets.

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