Stitch Fix Review by Juli: Feel good in whatever you’re wearing

Stitch Fix wants to make sure you feel good in whatever you’re wearing while also feeling comfortable with the prices of the items you’re getting in your Fix. In your profile, you can set your price preferences by item category (denim, tops, dresses) so your stylist knows to send you items that fit within your budget. You can also ask her stick within a budget for the cost of your entire Fix!

When I received my recent Stitch Fix box, I was greeted by Just Black distressed jeans, a Pixley Hatty Cold Shoulder Sweater Dress, a Dear John Casco Bomber Jacket, a Bella Dahl Tanya Tie Back Top and a pair of Tahari Nina Suede Booties.

I loved the dress, clutch and lightweight jacket so much that I packed them with me on my recent trip to Cabo. For our last night in Cabo, we ended up going to a fancy dinner where I wore this cutout black dress and paired it with the faux fur clutch. Even though we were in Cabo, this lightweight sweater dress was perfect for evening and still breathable throughout the night!

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Stitch Fix Review by Nicole: I asked for edgy pieces

Stitch Fix is a styling service that sends you a box (“Fix”) of five items, selected for you based on your preferences. You can set up a regular delivery schedule (monthly, seasonal, etc.) but you don’t have to—no subscription is required and you can pick and choose when to receive a Fix.

For this fix, I asked for edgy pieces and specifically a funky jacket. I’m a jeans-and-a-tank girl most the time, and statement jackets are an easy way to ramp that look up a notch.

When I told my stylist I wanted a funky jacket, I didn’t give specifics but the visual I had in mind was a fluffy faux fur coat of some sort. Well check me out, just casually manifesting the wardrobe of my dreams (lol).

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Stitch Fix Review from Coco: Sends me pieces that she knows I’ll love

After doing a huge wardrobe clean-out a couple days ago in an effort to declutter my wardrobe for the new year and make way for the new, I discovered that there were some key pieces that I never wanted to let go of: the button-up shirts that I wear from work to weekends… the perfect pairs of jeans that are actually long enough for me and haven’t stretched out in years… the cute knit sweaters that have been through hundreds of washes but haven’t shrunk or lost shape… you get the picture — it’s all about quality when it comes to finding clothes that will stand the test of time!

It might be a little hard to figure out where to start when it comes to building your everyday wardrobe, but thanks to my friends at Stitch Fix, it’s never difficult for me to find style-staples that are just right for me!

My stylist takes away the headache of shopping for me, and sends me pieces that she knows I’ll love… and I always do, because they include some of my favorite contemporary brands like Rails, Equipment, Paige, Sundry, Joie and Joe’s Jeans!

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Stitch Fix Review by Alison: I never would have known this about the brand if it weren’t for Stitch Fix

I realized the key is creating a relationship with your stylist – they’re not mindreader, and the more information and feedback you provide, the better your results.

My stylist not only looked at my Pinterest and survey but looked at my Instagram account when deciding what to put in my Stitch Fix box.  She noticed that I liked layering, that I like bold floral maxi dresses, and fun accessories. Just like the first box where I didn’t realize I wasn’t classic, she noticed I liked layering and I didn’t even realize I did… but I do!

I find these jeans both comfortable and flattering. I’ve never tried DL1961 before though I’ve heard of the brand. I didn’t know they went up to a size 16/33; in fact the brand goes up to 18/34 and also has petite sizes.  Department stores I guess don’t want to carry the larger sizes; I never would have known this about the brand if it weren’t for Stitch Fix. The denim is super nice quality, I did a lot of squats, lunges, and dancing around and they always bounced back. Karl said they made my butt look good.

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Stitch Fix Review by Cristen: Investing in quality is key

This Stitch Fix box, I asked my stylist for only “luxe” items, which is a newer option that Stitch Fix is offering.  Luxe options are pricier, but consist more of investment pieces from brands you may already be familiar with like Joe’s Jeans, Cole Haan, and more.  You can tick the box within your style profile that lets your stylist know you’re open to receiving luxe clothing.

Investing in quality is key to a happy, “feel better” wardrobe, in my experience.

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Stitch Fix Review by Samantha: Budget Friendly Box

When I requested this box I asked for a Budget Friendly Box and I think that my stylist nailed it!!!  I am very impressed!

I LOVE this top!  I have always said, “I do not like cold shoulder tops” but I stand corrected and leave it to my stylist to make me fall in love!!!

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Stitch Fix Review by Megan: Sweaters for winter wear

Ok, so this month I had requested a few holiday tops but mostly sweaters for winter wear. I had received a few holiday looks in October and so I was more concerned about having some great sweaters to wear into the colder winter months. Boy did my stylist deliver!

This sweater poncho also was a huge win. I just love the look and it’s so cozy!

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Stitch Fix Review by Katie: My favorite complete Fix

Hands down, this is my favorite complete Fix. I absolutely loved every item, and truly felt like my stylist was channeling Kate Middleton’s style with each and every piece. Another great thing about this particular fix is how many of the items I could pair with each other, making styling an outfit so easy!

There’s nothing more flattering for women than the classic wrap dress. I’m a firm believer every woman should have at least one in her closet. Wrap dresses are effortless and never go out of style, and in my opinion flatter all body types. When my eyes laid upon this beauty I knew it was going to be a keeper right away. Not only is emerald green a beautiful color, but it was absolutely perfect for the holiday season, and the perfect red head color!

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Stitch Fix Review by May: And the fit? Perfect!

To celebrate my birthday, I thought I would treat myself to another fix (Stitch Fix that is). I do think that my fixes have gotten better over time, especially my last one. They gave me more petite sizes, which I loved, and I’m hoping they do the same this time too.
This was one request I made in my Fix. I’ve always wanted a cute blazer, but I haven’t been able to find one. When I saw this, I knew I would love it. It didn’t have any buttons, the sleeves were 3/4 long and had a folded up look – all things I wanted in a blazer. And the fit? Perfect! Looks great with a simple shirt and a pair of black jeans. So chic! I had to keep it.

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Stitch Fix Review by Elif: Feel like I am getting a gift in the mail

Brr its getting cold out here in the NW. This week we’ve had near freezing temperatures with beautiful sunshine which was actually a very welcome change from constant rain. Among the Christmas gifts I’ve ordered for family, and friends, it was a great surprise to receive my Stitch Fix box. Stitch Fix always makes me feel like I am getting a gift in the mail and this time was no different.

What’s better than a cold shoulder dress? One in a cozy, warm knit fabric of course. I like the fitted style of the body of the dress and the looser arms that give the dress a cooler vibe. I wanted to add a touch of girliness with leopard heels, a shoulder bag and drop earrings.

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