Stitch Fix Review by Maria: Cozy factor of this sweater

Knowing how much I enjoy a warm and cozy sweater, my stylist included the Camy Textured Stripe Trim Pullover from Market & Spruce in my fix.

The cozy factor of this sweater was too good to resist and I immediately decided that I had to add this sweater to my closet. I’m spending a lot of time crawling around on the floor with my kindergarten students. This outfit will let me stay modest and comfortable in my leggings, while also keeping me stylish and professional.

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Stitch Fix Review by Julie: Will last me through the third trimester!

I tend to lean towards pants that are not over the belly for maternity, but my stylist sent these that are and asked me to give them a shot before I wrote them off. I did and I love them. They have the perfect amount of stretch in them without getting baggy throughout the day. The waistband is actually quite comfortable. It’s over the belly but not WAY over the belly if you get what I mean!

This shirt pulled the outfit together and I love how it all looks together. It’s perfectly stretch and comfy and I think it will last me through the third trimester! I think I’ll be wearing this every week to work! They might get sick of this outfit!

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Stitch Fix Review by Bernice: Thoughtful selections that feel tailored to me

I’ve been feeling more adventurous lately. I’ve said it before, but my favorite thing about Stitch Fix is that it pulls me outside my comfort zone. And it’s not to say that I love every style that they send me, but I love that the Stylists listen, and make thoughtful selections that feel tailored to me.

The open back silhouette has been trendy over the last few seasons. It’s a conservative yet alluring look that can elevate an otherwise casual look. Combined with my current obsession with all things denim, I love this effortless top.

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Stitch Fix Review by Lee: My Stitch Fix stylist read my mind

After doing Stitch Fix for over a year now, at this point, almost everything I wear is from Stitch Fix! I’ve kept a lot of things I would not have tried on if I had only seen them on the hangar at the store, so they’ve definitely expanded my horizons. Plus, they’ve sent me unique items I’ve never seen on anybody else in my neihgborhood, and I never have to go to the mall anymore. Winning. : )

I love me some horizontal stripes. Probably shouldn’t, but I do. And these sneakers are perfection. I’ve been wanting a pair like these for a while, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. So basically, my Stitch Fix stylist read my mind.

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Stitch Fix Review by Sarah: Absolutely love this top

Stitch Fix is a styling service that is perfect for busy women who get overwhelmed at the thought of crowded clothing stores filled with pushy salespeople and pickpockets.

School has started for my little Kindergartener and the perceived pressure for me to look pulled together at parental activities is at an all time high. I asked my stylist to send me clothing appropriate for warm weather, adding on that I was still into shifts & midi-dresses.

Absolutely love this top. If you’ve been looking for a black top that can be dressed up or down you should request this one from your Stitch Fix stylist immediately. The crochet detail is so feminine and the back zipper adds a little more personality to the top.

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Stitch Fix Review by Lauren: A balanced layered look

It’s always a great day when I arrive home to a cute teal box on my porch. I know that within that box five pieces of adorable fashion and jewelry are just waiting for me to try them on.

I’m really starting to feel like my stylist and I are both on the same wavelength. It helps that I give her access to my Pinterest board and that I have opportunities to dialogue with her before each fix is sent.

I have been wanting a cargo vest for a really long time. I have struggled to find one that I love the way I love this one by Market & Spruce. Not only is this one beautiful, but it is longer than most I’ve tried on. I prefer for my vests to be longer than the tops I wear underneath to create a balanced layered look. Also, this vest has a hood which can be removed if desired. The pockets are deep. The waist is feminine. And I cannot wait until fall to wear the heck out of this vest. I love it!!

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Stitch Fix Review by Jessica: PTL for transitional pieces!

I specifically asked for a white collared top and I love this one that was sent! It is a classic white top with a little eyelet detail on the bottom that makes it extra special. Also, the shoes are another favorite. I love the neutral color and the fact that these can be worn well into the fall. PTL for transitional pieces!

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Stitch Fix Review by Greta: I love this bright hue for summer!

This, ladies, is why I love Stitch Fix — it really can help you learn to branch out and figure out what works on your frame!

I love, love, love this yellow top, though. It is super soft, and the lace detail at the shoulders is delicate and feminine. Plus, I love this bright hue for summer! I am definitely keeping it – tags already removed and I even wore it to book club this week. I can see wearing this to a variety of different casual events, or dressing it up for church on Sunday.

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