Stitch Fix Review from Coco: Sends me pieces that she knows I’ll love

After doing a huge wardrobe clean-out a couple days ago in an effort to declutter my wardrobe for the new year and make way for the new, I discovered that there were some key pieces that I never wanted to let go of: the button-up shirts that I wear from work to weekends… the perfect pairs of jeans that are actually long enough for me and haven’t stretched out in years… the cute knit sweaters that have been through hundreds of washes but haven’t shrunk or lost shape… you get the picture — it’s all about quality when it comes to finding clothes that will stand the test of time!

It might be a little hard to figure out where to start when it comes to building your everyday wardrobe, but thanks to my friends at Stitch Fix, it’s never difficult for me to find style-staples that are just right for me!

My stylist takes away the headache of shopping for me, and sends me pieces that she knows I’ll love… and I always do, because they include some of my favorite contemporary brands like Rails, Equipment, Paige, Sundry, Joie and Joe’s Jeans!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Coco -

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Stitch Fix Review by Cristen: Investing in quality is key

This Stitch Fix box, I asked my stylist for only “luxe” items, which is a newer option that Stitch Fix is offering.  Luxe options are pricier, but consist more of investment pieces from brands you may already be familiar with like Joe’s Jeans, Cole Haan, and more.  You can tick the box within your style profile that lets your stylist know you’re open to receiving luxe clothing.

Investing in quality is key to a happy, “feel better” wardrobe, in my experience.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Cristen -

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