Stitch Fix Review by Cyndi: Stitch Fix box for fall

Have you tried Stitch Fix lately? I think it’s fun to get a box, maybe try a Stitch Fix box for fall. We had a warm day yesterday and this top was perfect because while it’s sleeveless, it still looks like fall. The style is exclusive to Stitch Fix but you can ask for it in your box.

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Stitch Fix Review by Anna: How cute

A really fun sheet of cards was also included in my Fix. It has a note from my stylist in the upper left corner. The short version is that she did two awesome things – she read my request for vacation clothes (Yellowstone!), and she picked out an item to go with an item I kept from a previous box.

Look how cute this top is! It’s sheer chiffon with a built-in white knit tank underneath. I like the pattern and the sleeve length a lot, and I think the neckline is flattering too.

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Stitch Fix Review by Kim: I have absolutely fallen in love

I have absolutely fallen in love with all of the items from my latest Fix! It’s no secret that Stitch Fix always does a great job of sending jeans and pants that fit like a glove. I don’t know how they do it! But they’ve definitely done it again with these skinny jeans. I’ve already requested an additional pair in another color for my next Fix. The top goes perfectly with the skinny jeans. It is comfortable and a great pick for a slightly dressy look for work.

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Stitch Fix Review by Lori: So much fun to open!

You can tell Stitch Fix how often you want them to ship a package. I chose once a month and get so excited when I get an email telling me that my package is on its way. It is so much fun to open!

I love this burgundy blouse! They paired it with these dark grey skinny jeans. They have done such a good job of matching my taste.

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Stitch Fix Review by Kelli: Stitch Fix consistently picks out jeans that fit

I was beyond excited to get my new box.  It was full of staples I absolutely couldn’t live without.

This lovely top I’ve worn tucked in as shown but also loose over black jeans to teach.  Super comfortable and just dressy enough without being overkill.

My favorite part about this outfit is the jeans. Listen, I’ve got hips… and a butt, the only person that thought it was a secret was me. After years of hating them, I’ve made peace with them. Every one of us has a different body, I stopped trying to make mine look like someone else’s. I love that Stitch Fix consistently picks out jeans that fit my hips and waist comfortably and confidently. These are just such a fun fall color!

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Stitch Fix Review by Rachel: Fall trend colors in lightweight pieces

Even though it will stay warm here in the San Diego area for quite some time, I still want to feel like it is Fall and change up my wardrobe as such. For this month’s Fix, I specifically asked my stylist to send me items in Fall trend colors, but to make sure they are light enough to be worn here in our warmer temps.  She did exactly that!

This top is the epitome of what I wanted when I asked my stilyst for fall trend colors in lightweight pieces.  I love the mustard and burgundy and the fun print. The sleeves are slightly longer than my summer tops and while the bottom hem is longer in the back, it does not look weird this time. Even though it is still hot out, I definitely feel like Fall is in the air with this top.

I paired the outfit with the brown booties that also came in this month’s Fix.  Right off the bat I really liked that they had a ruggedness to them.  The darker coloring at the toe and low, stacked heel made me think of riding boots, yet the bootie cut is cute and in line with current trends.

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Stitch Fix Review by Whitney: I’m having such a hard time deciding what to keep

This month’s box was the best Stitch Fix box I have ever gotten. Seriously, I’m having such a hard time deciding what to keep. I’m so happy that I took the time to work on my Style Pinterest board and leave some detailed notes for my stylist. It really seemed to pay off.

As soon as I saw these pieces in the box, I swooned. This cardigan is on my Pinterest board and I was so excited to get it in my box. (You can see how windy it was because the cardigan was flying all over the place!) This top is absolutely perfect for summer. I love the teal color and the floral pattern. So gorgeous!

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Stitch Fix Review by Mandy: They keep my closet interesting

I love Stitch Fix! They keep my closet interesting and I still get excited every time I see one of those cute Stitch Fix boxes show up on my doorstep! This month’s box did not disappoint! Every item pleasantly surprised me, and I can honestly say, I like it all!

LOVED this. I’m always on the lookout for bright & fun patterns, that aren’t played out like the chevron print. This was the first piece of clothing that stuck out to me in this box, and I was even more in love once I tried it on! I’m excited to get some use out of this once the sun decided to show it’s face.

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I’m a believer

This hot pink Melandry Button-Up Tab-Sleeve Blouse from Collective Concepts. My stylist, Britney, selected it for me since I had a really similar blouse on my Pinterest board. I really like this blouse. It’s light and airy, perfect for layering now and wearing with a camisole into spring. A shot of pink was exactly what I needed to wake up my brown, gray, navy, black winter wardrobe.


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