Stitch Fix Review by Sarah: My stylist took the time to get to know me and seemed to just get my style

I like to read comments on Stitch Fix Instagram posts and people seem to always be saying they got bad customer service–I’ve had 3 issues since I started Stitch Fix and every single time they have been so on top of everything and I’ve left super happy. My stylist worked extra hard on my Fix this time. I loved this Fix and will be requesting this same stylist for all of my future Fixes.  She really took the time to get to know me and seemed to just get my style.

My stylist said that she tried to focus on a boho/vintage vibe for my Fix, and this dress for sure encompasses that.  I love it. The crochet top is a great detail, it’s long enough to be classy but still short enough that the shift style isn’t frumpy. Love the color, length, cut, fit…everything.  A definite keeper.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Sarah -

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