Stitch Fix Review by Nicole – I’m ready to get some new goodies!

I have had 5 excellent boxes so far, it’s been awesome to see my wardrobe go from plain and over-filled to stylish and smaller. I’m focusing on quality pieces I can use in different ways vs lots of stuff I just push around. It’s working so far.

Love love love everything about this top. It is super comfy, really pretty, and flattering. I love the detailing on the back and seriously would buy this top in every color imaginable if I could! stitch-fix-review-by-nicole

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2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review by Nicole – I’m ready to get some new goodies!

  1. I was so super excited to receive my first fix.. I post it everywhere and told tons of people about it.. I got my box today and I’m honestly more disappointed than I’ve ever been.. The things I told my stylist to stay away from are the things she sent me.. NO polka dots, NO skinny or boyfriend jeans I only wear bootcut! I work at Claire’s so I would like accessories and I didn’t get any!
    I’m pregnant so nothing tight fitting… I got a very tight tank and leggings ): honestly I’m not happy. I even gave her a hint that my wedding is in 6 weeks and I was looking for a casual, pastel dress.. Nothing. I’ve pinned tons to my Pinterest..There’s not one thing I want to keep out of this box..

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