Stitch Fix Review by Mary: So much fun!

I got my latest Stitch Fix in the mail yesterday and I was so thrilled with these items as I pulled them out of the box. There were so many pretty details and colors I love.  Just look at the details on these tops.  So much fun.

I love, love, love the details  and length of this sweet white top. It is soft and feminine and I think would be nice and cool to wear in the heat.  Plus the accents are turquoise, my favorite color in the universe.


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3 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review by Mary: So much fun!

  1. Received my items this past Saturday.. Really liked the Downing Striped Knit Shirt (cotton) and Saige Cropped Linen Pants (cotton). The pictures giving ideas of how to style were great! Thank you! As for the Cherise Cotton Tab Sleeve Henley Shirt – I liked, but to small. Need a larger size. Tabitha Embellished Cotton Shirt — to small clingy. I don’t like the “embellished or bling. The Callafia Short-Sleeve Wrap Dress – not for me. I am really looking for umpire waist, not clingy and cotton.

  2. What a rip off. I am cancelling. The fix never worked. No consistent sizing, no awareness of style and in most cases frumpy. Very disappointing.

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