Stitch Fix Review by Maria: Exactly the simplicity that this busy mama needs

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Now that I’m a mommy, my time is more valuable than ever before. I find myself craving simplicity and convenience and thankfully Stitch Fix is the most convenient way for me to shop for clothes. I send a quick note to my stylist and let her hand-pick five items that she thinks I will love. And this most recent fix provided exactly the simplicity that this busy mama needs. My stylist provided me with a mini Stitch Fix capsule wardrobe in a black and gray color palette.

I love that the hemline of the top scooped down in the front and back, rather than a traditional horizontal hemline. This is actually why I love all of the tops I’ve kept from Stitch Fix – they always have thoughtful and interesting details that make the pieces so much more special than clothes I usually find at the store.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Maria -

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