Stitch Fix Review by Karin: I can’t pass it up a second time!

I’m excited to kick off 2016 with a new Stitch Fix box. My stylist continues to do very well and makes sure she pays attention to my requests, Style Profile, Pinterest page and blog. This was a more interesting box than I’ve had in a while, and I liked that. Even though I didn’t purchase some of the more “out there” pieces, it did break me out of my normal style a bit, which is one reason why I subscribe to Stitch Fix.

Well wasn’t this a surprise! Last month I received this sweater and had to send it back because a size small was too big for me. I even checked with customer service to see if a size smaller was available, but there wasn’t. However, my stylist found an extra small and sent it! Even though it’s still just a touch boxy, it fit is much better. I expect a little bit of shrinking, too. I can’t pass it up a second time! This is staying with me.


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Get your own Fix at Stitch Fix.

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