Stitch Fix Review By Julie: True Greatness For February!

Ok – honestly, when my box arrived I was somewhat skeptical.  I DID enjoy the mystery of wondering WHAT was in that box, but after a few fixes that weren’t solid winners, I didn’t have a lot of expectation.  Well, you know what they say about expectation – it really isn’t our best of friends…  And, when we let go of expectation, true greatness can occur!

I was pleasantly surprised by my accessories this time around! I have been wanting a new bag, and hobo is the way to go for this woman who carries the world around with her on a regular basis.  Make-up, water bottle, wallet, big phone, snack, journal, and more easily fit and still I can zip it up! Can’t recommend big slouchy bags enough.  I LOVE this bag and will now be a big bag addict from here out. The scarf is another item I was surprised by and absolutely love!  This cozy piece is as easy to throw on after a yoga class as on my way out during the day on a weekend.  I love how soft it is, and the light tones are super versatile.


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