Stitch Fix Review by Dusty: I don’t know how Stitch Fix does it!

I really hate shopping so Stitch Fix is a dream come true for this girl.  All five items in my first Fix were things I wouldn’t have picked out for myself if I saw them hanging in a store, but I ended up loving four out of the five!

This top is definitely not something I would have even tried on in the store, but I love it!  It’s loose and flowy, with a subtle white polka dot pattern (love me some polka dots) and smocked detailing across the back, at the front of the shoulders, and on the sleeve.  It’s interesting and just a little bit different.


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One thought on “Stitch Fix Review by Dusty: I don’t know how Stitch Fix does it!

  1. I was looking forward to a great experience and found it to be disappointing. A note included in my first “fix” stated that the link to my Pinterest page was broken so the stylist couldn’t get an accurate idea of my style. A $20 styling fee was still charged after returning all the items. The material was itchy and not a great choice for wearing in the heat of Summer. I’m casual/comfortable and felt that nothing I revealed about my style were even considered. Besides the fact that the size on one item did not match my measurements. I can’t say I’ll try again, just won’t waste my time waiting for such a long time for nothing.

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