Stitch Fix Review by Carissa: My stylist knocked it out of the park!

After sadly returning everything in fix #16 due to fit issues, I was anxiously awaiting fix #17. Apparently having a senior stylist is the way to go, because my stylist knocked it out of the park!  Fix #17 is a 5/5 with almost everything coming straight off my Pinterest board.

This outfit is 3 items out of the box…  THREE! I love when everything comes together and makes a complete outfit. Pictured here is the RD Style Shanda Open Cardigan ($78), Market & Spruce Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt ($48), and Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean ($88). The Colibri and pull-on jeans have been on my Pinterest forever, and I had an oversized mustard cardigan pinned from another site, so she chose the burgundy one to send and I love it. I mean how cozy does this cardigan look?


See the full post from Murray Musings.

Get your own Fix at Stitch Fix.

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