Stitch Fix Review by Alison: I never would have known this about the brand if it weren’t for Stitch Fix

I realized the key is creating a relationship with your stylist – they’re not mindreader, and the more information and feedback you provide, the better your results.

My stylist not only looked at my Pinterest and survey but looked at my Instagram account when deciding what to put in my Stitch Fix box.  She noticed that I liked layering, that I like bold floral maxi dresses, and fun accessories. Just like the first box where I didn’t realize I wasn’t classic, she noticed I liked layering and I didn’t even realize I did… but I do!

I find these jeans both comfortable and flattering. I’ve never tried DL1961 before though I’ve heard of the brand. I didn’t know they went up to a size 16/33; in fact the brand goes up to 18/34 and also has petite sizes.  Department stores I guess don’t want to carry the larger sizes; I never would have known this about the brand if it weren’t for Stitch Fix. The denim is super nice quality, I did a lot of squats, lunges, and dancing around and they always bounced back. Karl said they made my butt look good.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Alison -

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