Stitch Fix Review by Aislinn: I’m in love!

This month, Steffani picked my fix and I was so thrilled that she actually went through my Stitch Fix Pinterest Board to help her determine what to send me!

I am in love with this whole outfit. First let’s talk about this blouse which manages to hit all the right places and be stretchy enough to accommodate my arms and back.
Secondly, for the 2nd time in a row, Stitch Fix got it exactly right with the pants. I love them. They’re super cute and spring-y with the color and the fit is absolutely INCREDIBLE. They just slip on. No zippers or buttons. And there’s no gapping between my back and the waistband.
Hi. I’m in love.


See the full post from Eat. Pray. WOD.

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One thought on “Stitch Fix Review by Aislinn: I’m in love!

  1. Soooooo disappointed! I was so excited to come home from a buying trade show (I am a clothing buyer) to my stitch fix box. I spend all day shopping for others clothing that shopping for my own is sometime just not possible. The contents of my box were horrifyingly off the mark! They were drab in color, frumpy in style and more appropriate for a 50 year old NYC hooker. I am a 30 yr old Vermonter who plays outside but still loves to look effortlessly stylish. I know I was clear in my initial profile so what the hell happened. I am sending everything back and now incredibly upset that I wasted my money. I am also very jealous of the well dressed women here with nothing but great outfits and nice things to say. I thought you would be my savior stitch fix but alas I’ll have to take back all the great things I told my friends about you.

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