My Best Fix Yet!

“Stop it right now!” These were the four words that came flying out of my mouth after I tried this blouse on and took a look in the mirror. I honest to goodness would probably never pick out this blouse, or any blouse for that matter, and try it on. Never! But that’s one thing I love about Stitch Fix. They send me things that might be a little bit out of my comfort zone and then I fall in love with it! This one was definitely a “keep” for me!


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3 thoughts on “My Best Fix Yet!

  1. Regarding Gift Cards. Before you purchase a gift card, or go to redeem your gift card, you should know how their gift cards work (or don’t work). I have talked to others who have had the same experience. I received a $50 gift card. I assumed that I could redeem the gift card to purchase items and experience the Stitch Fix opportunity. I find their gift cards to be a bait and switch. I received my first Stitch Fix order and then an email from Stitch Fix to complete my order. I clicked on their link and assumed that the link would lead me to a site to complete my order and redeem my gift card. Not so. There was no place to redeem my gift card or instructions as to how to redeem the gift card. My credit card was charged $140 as soon as hit the submit button. Now why would there not be an option to redeem your gift card? Here’s how it works. On any order, if you do not purchase items they charge you $20. So you just paid them $20 but still have a gift card. Now I did purchase items and they charged my credit card immediately $140.00 It should have been $90 with my gift card. So now, I assume, I have to place another order to use my $50 gift card. if I don’t the person who gave me the gift card has been cheated out of $50. If I place my second order and don’t like what they send they will charge me $20. So assuming I don’t like what they send they have just taken $160 from me ($140 for my first order and $20 because I sent everything back) and I still did not use the $50 gift card. You get the picture!

  2. I love the CAMELOT STRIPE & POLKA DOT CARDIGAN in this color combo! Kau & Stitch Fix, could I please have it in my next fix? XOXO

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