I’m about to change your world.

Stitch Fix is basically like having a personal shopper/stylist.
I know what you’re thinking. But I like going shopping. This will take the fun out of it!
The way I see it, this is the safest way to have fun if you are shopping just for fun.
“Do you need a need powersuit for your fancy promotion?
Go to Macy’s or whatever your go-to suit store is.
Do you just kinda want a new shirt because your other shirts are making you feel blah because you’ve worn them each more than five times during the past season?
Don’t go to Macy’s or whatever your go-to I’m-bored/hungry/sad/feeling ugly-and-therefore-I-shop store is. You are about to spend way too much money on something that’s on sale that you are only 66% crazy about and is a size too big or too small for you so you probably aren’t going to wear it more than once anyway.
Instead, try Stitch Fix!
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4 thoughts on “I’m about to change your world.

  1. How can I get stitch fix to “talk” to me? I signed up months ago and never heard a word from them. Do they not “do” older, heavier women?

  2. Was just at the annual sale today because we were dining at the dim sum restaurant right next door.

    We wondered in because we thought it was a badminton store and I was hoping to find some misc sports equipment for my son.

    Once we were in, we saw this warehouse full of clothing. The wife was obviously excited and proceeded to move about. There was a big sign saying everything was $10, so it’s evident it’s like some weird sale since there wasn’t a street sign or billboard displaying the store name.

    Proceeded to ask the ad hoc cashier. “So what is this place?” The girl in the grey jacket responded, “it’s a warehouse.”

    No shit Sherlock, I see it’s a warehouse, but thank you for your keen observation of the type of real estate property we are in.

    Next the wife wanted to know if other sections are available to browse. I, again asked the same girl wearing the grey jacket because I simply love to be verbally abused on the weekends, she said in a very cold stoic tone, “no, just these two sections.” Without even bother making eye contact.

    There was a short brunette that was nice. When I offered to pay for the water and snacks, she said it was on the house.

    Right before we were going to leave, I asked again the nice brunette and the indifferent grey jacket how often they have these events. The nice brunette said once in a while but she wasn’t sure. The evil grey said once or twice a year, but only for “FAMILY AND FRIENDS!”

    Then another male worker walks by wearing a high school backpack says with a smirk, “you’ll be invited if you’re lucky, har har har.”

    Okay people(dorky backpacker who’s pretending to be hip and the impassive grey, not the nice friendly brunette), let’s get this straight.

    You ARE in CUSTOMER SERVICE!! 1. While at work, pretend to be friendly even if you are having a bad day, it’s your job. 2. Do not talk to customers in such a condescending tone when his pair of shoes out cost your entire outfit from head to toe. 3. Being an internet personal shopper does not mean you truly have style, relative to suburbians and folks from mid-west maybe, but not folks who truly care about looks. 4. Wearing a big grey jacket indoors buttoned up the entire time does not exactly exude any type fashion sense when there’s no type if colors or even patterns being exhibited. 5. If you’re not in the NBA, going to work as an IT consultant or going to the 4th grade, stop wearing a black backpack like its a Fannie pack.

    Do work on your customer service or just general social skills please. In case you’re wondering what who I was then it would be the black elie Tahari jacket, custom super fitted shirt, black leopard print belt, jeans to ankle height and cute white sneakers with the German flag.

    Thank you guys for such a wonderful experience today.

  3. Alot of times in life, happiness is a chocie. Reading your post this morning, has made that chocie easier. Keep on having those miracles. Your awesome! Happy sewing!!!

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