One thought on “I finally did it.

  1. Glad you had a good experinece. I could not be unhappier with StitchFix right now. I signed up several weeks ago – never got any kind of confirmation from them. A box of clothes showed up two days ago. I don’t like any of them and most don’t fit well. Very unhappy about the $20 stylinkelykazg fee I will still be paying. I can go try on clothes that I don’t like and don’t fit for free.

    I see that they show my correct email address on the paperwork. Try to login – won’t recognize my password. Try to retrieve/reset password – that page doesn’t work. After typing in my email and hitting submit, no additional instruction appears on the screen and no instructions are sent to my email address. I sent a request through their help desk link 36 hours ago indicating I urgently need to get into my account to make a return. Other than the auto-acknowledgement, no additional communication. If they charge me the $356 shown on my invoice I will be disputing charge.

    Ugly, ill fitting clothes. Terrible customer service. Wish I had never bothered.

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