I am still pretty much loving Stitch Fix

This may be my favorite Stitch Fix item I’ve ever gotten. It kind of looks like the shirt is in motion all the time. The pattern is a pair of drum sticks I think. Totally random, but I love the color combo and the style and fit. Also, I wore it to work with a pair of grey pants from WH/BM last week and was asked if I had lost weight. So, maybe I’ll wear it every day.


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2 thoughts on “I am still pretty much loving Stitch Fix

  1. You look absolutely adorable !! I am 41 years old and am fashion challenged. Going through a divorce, unemployed because I have ethics, curiosity killed the cat and I could not hold off on seeing what a stranger would style me in. Your stylist has hit it on the nose, because you look awesome! I cannot wait to receive and review mine! You can check mine out on http://www.angelslittleblackbook.blog.com. I would love to link your review and pictures!

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