I am so bad! I just had to have another fix before my birthday.

I kept quite a few things from my last three fixes and this addiction is becoming just a little expensive but I love it. I literally cannot go shopping. I work from home, I take care of my 2-year old and I take care of the home. A stylist sending me clothes is a god-send.


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4 thoughts on “I am so bad! I just had to have another fix before my birthday.

  1. I LOVED my first fix that I received the other day. I am a new mom to a three month old so….yeah, a shower is a Luxery right now lol. No time to shop, so I love this concept. My first fix was this month and your post made me curious….do you get anything from stitchfix for your birthday? Do you have to order a fix to get it? Just wondering because that would be absolutely awesome. I got a beautiful Aztec carrigen that I have been wanting in my first fix. It does get expensive so sent my code along if you don’t mind, http://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3257648

    • Hi Nicole! So happy you loved your first Fix and that you got the cardigan you were eyeing! We currently do not offer a birthday discount, but it is on our radar as something our clients would enjoy :) Thanks so much for the suggestion!

      xo, Stitch Fix

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