Stitch Fix Review by Mamta: I love my stylist

With Diwali season behind us, we are gearing up for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! We were invited to dinner this past weekend and I struggled to dress myself for this crazy weather where it is hot one minute and then raining the next, sunny right after and freezing cold the next! Why, oh why, must you be so confusing, Mother Nature! I mean, I was in a cold shoulder sweater this past Sunday. I have officially dubbed that as my “Mother Nature is drunk outfit!”

While I was looking in my wardrobe for an outfit to suit the ever-changing moods of the fickle weather, I found this dress that I had kept from one of my past Stitch Fix boxes. I have worn it once before and decided this was going to be it! I love my stylist has been awesome with all my requests and boxes.

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Stitch Fix Review by Sara: The price tag is right on the money

Ooooh, I like these! The backless embroidered mule style is good for right now, but obviously not for snowy weather and might be too heavyweight for spring and summer. However, the embroidery and color scheme make these a win for me. The pink, orange, and green embroidery are stitched thick to create a vibrant floral pattern. Since I tend to wear a lot of solid tops and bottoms, I love that these will add a patterned statement to my wardrobe. I’m super impressed with these shoes and the $58 price tag is right on the money compared to the quality.

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Stitch Fix Review by Kristin: Holiday style outfits

It’s December which means the official holiday count down! What a fun weekend we have ahead and planning out some of my holiday looks is on the list. We’re sharing some of our favorite Stitch Fix holiday style outfits with you to get you in the mood. Those work Christmas parties and happy hour invites are rolling in and we want you to be prepared.

This Stitch Fix holiday style look features one of my favorite Stitch Fix gets, cranberry leggings. They are really great quality and a fun way to add a pop of color in the holiday season without going too crazy. Plus, they pair so nicely with black lacy tops or big cozy sweaters. Without Stitch Fix I never would have picked these up on my own.

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Stitch Fix Review by Maria: Warm, comfy and perfect for the winter season

The holidays have arrived and so has Michigan’s cold winter weather! Time to break out the warm, cozy layers! My Stitch Fix stylist sent several pieces in my fix this month that are warm, comfy and perfect for the winter season.

After 3 years of receiving monthly fixes, I have a closet filled with great clothes to wear out on the town or to work. What I don’t have a lot of are casual items that are easy to care for and look nice to wear around the house. I basically have 2 types of clothes: nice clothes for when I see people and crummy easy care clothes that I look like a bum in, without very many options in between. Which is why I was so excited to try on this sweatshirt. It was machine washable, comfortable, and looked great. Really great.

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Stitch Fix Review by Elif: Love at first sight

Pretty much the moment I opened up my November box and came face to face with this pretty piece, I knew it had very high potential as a keeper. It took me a second after putting it on to decide we would not be parting ways – another love at first sight from Stitch Fix.

Needless to say I’ve happily kept this piece. Its the perfect mix of glam, coolness, and coziness for me.

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Stitch Fix Review by Nicole: Such a versatile piece

I am always pleased with the options my stylist provides. She really puts the time and effort by reviewing my feedback and Pinterest boards. I also love the styling cards because they often help inspire me on styling for these reviews.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love tucking my shirts into my skirts and pants. I wear lots of high waist skirts and jeans and I like the look of a top tucked in them. The one issue with this is shirts will bulge and you can see their outline through your skirt or pants at instances. The beauty of a body suit is you will never have that awkward fabric bulge. This bodysuit is so comfortable and classic in its style. It is made from an awesomely stretchy knit cotton fabric. I was able to just walk into it and pull it on effortlessly. My mom (my photographer for the day) even remarked about how nice it looked on and how she too has been a long time fan of bodysuits for the same reasons. Due to this essential basic being such a versatile piece, I couldn’t resist putting it in my keep pile!

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Stitch Fix Review by Jess: This dress screams fall

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a personal styling service. I’ve been getting fixes for over 3 years now and it’s my favorite way to shop!

For this fix, I asked my stylist for dress options for our family photos, and she delivered! This dress screams fall and it ended up being the winner for our family photos! I love the bell sleeves, and I love that I’ll also be able to wear this to work all fall and winter.

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Stitch Fix Review by Constance: The best

I ended up spending a good amount of time in the study zone (like deep in that zone), lots of time getting lectures ready for the week, and just as much time with friends and fam doing fun stuff!

Thursday I wore this to teach and that was midterm day! Jeans, TOMS, Stitch fix top, and blue bottle coffee- ugh the best. Also, I would love to carry around my cute bags but honestly there is never a time my backpack is not filled with stuff so I carry that to save my arms.

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Stitch Fix Review by Jen: It was sooooo comfortable

Stitch Fix #35? Really? Doesn’t seem possible, but I can definitely say it’s been fun. Over the past few years, Stitch Fix has really played a part in my getting to know better what my style is and what I’m comfortable wearing. Plus, it has introduced me to some new brands.

At first when I looked at this shirt in the box, I didn’t really like how bright the colors were. In my mind, flannels are typically more muted, darker colors. However, once I tried this on and realized that it was sooooo comfortable, long enough for leggings, looked great with skinny jeans or even dressed up with dressier pants, I “got” it. Both figuratively and literally.

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Stitch Fix Review by Natalie: Super soft, super cozy, super fall-y

I chose this super soft, super cozy, super fall-y elbow patch pullover from my Fall Fix.

Let’s start with these amazing elbow patches. When looking in my closet, I’m shocked to find out that I actually don’t have any other sweaters with elbow patches! They are such a fun, cozy, retro touch that instantly upgrades a simple pullover sweater. I love that they chose to go with brown sueded patches on this sweater because the color really warms up the allover cream and black stitching.

Secondly, I love how the front of the sweater is a bit cropped, with the back hanging longer. I usually end up tucking sweaters into my jeans in the front and leaving them out in the back to achieve this look, but with this sweater, that shape is already set up for me! Especially with more boxy sweaters, making the front a little shorter than the back gives you a more defined shape than it would otherwise.

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