Stitch Fix Review by Alex: I’m in Stitch Fix bliss at the moment.

Okay, you’re probably saying to yourself.. 1) Who says I need help shopping? 2) They don’t know who I am. How are they supposed to dress me? 3) Total waste of money.

Honestly, I said those same things. But I thought I’d give it a try because my last experience at the mall was kind of a drag — no parking, not in my size, long lines, and crowded spaces.

1) You probably don’t need help! But let me tell you, if you’re sometimes lazy and don’t want to step out of the house, but want something new…STITCH FIX is your FIX.

2) They do their research! The more information you give them (a.k.a preferences, social media sites, etc.), the better your stylist can assist you. They ask A LOT of questions to make sure that they serve you well!

3) It costs $20 to sign up for one style fix, but what’s neat is that you can use that $20 towards your purchase! Um, winner. And if you decide to buy all 5 items, you get 25% off your entire purchase!


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5 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review by Alex: I’m in Stitch Fix bliss at the moment.

  1. Really cute. I wish I could get my young niece who is a recent college grad dressing like this outfit. She keeps wearing her college style to job interviews.

  2. Love this. I wanted to make sure my stylist knows pls don’t send any ripped or torn denim to me. Not interested in that look for myself

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