Stitch Fix Review by Sarah: Absolutely love this top

Stitch Fix is a styling service that is perfect for busy women who get overwhelmed at the thought of crowded clothing stores filled with pushy salespeople and pickpockets.

School has started for my little Kindergartener and the perceived pressure for me to look pulled together at parental activities is at an all time high. I asked my stylist to send me clothing appropriate for warm weather, adding on that I was still into shifts & midi-dresses.

Absolutely love this top. If you’ve been looking for a black top that can be dressed up or down you should request this one from your Stitch Fix stylist immediately. The crochet detail is so feminine and the back zipper adds a little more personality to the top.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Sarah -

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Stitch Fix Review by Katie: I’ve literally used this bag everyday

This fix also taught me to keep my mind open, like with the skirt, and not to be afraid of color (satchel bag!).

I’ve been dying to find the perfect Satchel bag since some of my cross body bags have seen much better days. I wanted to get a burgundy one, but this color (Teal according to my stylist) is fabulous. It’s the perfect size for me, and there’s still plenty of empty space inside after I’ve added in my usual purse items. I love that you can opt to wear it on your arm, or cross body. The cross body strap is also removable! The satchel has a wonderfully spacious zipper compartment on the outside, a zippered pocket within the main part of the bag, along with an extra pocket. I’ve literally used this bag everyday since my fix arrived, it’s perfect!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Katie -

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Stitch Fix Review by Ashley: Talk about party in the back!

Boy, did I get one awesome Fix!

So when your stylist sends you your “unicorn,” you don’t send it back! Speaking of the word back, do you see the back of this top?! Talk about party in the back! I am all about color, but I really appreciate the fact that this top is black. It can be worn multiple ways, with multiple items!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Ashley -

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Stitch Fix Review by Nicki: Wow you with the simple details

I asked my stylist to help me prepare for my upcoming trip to San Francisco!

I immediately fell in love with the color. It is vibrant, bold and adorned with small details that provide it with a subtle complexity that screams of my fashion sense. I like to wow you with the simple details from cutouts of a shirt, unique pattern or creative layer of jewelry. This was a piece that was bound to become a new staple in my wardrobe. It has the initiate ability to go from work to after work functions which is becoming increasing important as my nights are ruled with visiting with friends, church functions and volunteering.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Nicki -

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Stitch Fix Review by Molly: HOLY SCHMOLY, my stylist knocked this fix out of the PARK!

After over two years of being with my stylist, my stylist just KNOWS my style and really nails it. She knows my love for feminine cuts, comfortable and versatile pieces, and ANYTHING ethically made or Made in the USA! Well, this fix pretty much fit those things to a T. I nearly kept everything in the box!

Oh my glory hallelujah this dress is AMAZING. It is PHENOMENAL. The material is incredibly soft and also very stretchy and very forgiving. The deep blue / almost navy stripe is the perfect year-round neutral and this dress could easily transition from summer to fall to winter to spring. Just dress it up or dress it down with boots, heels, or sandals. Throw a blazer or jacket over it in colder months… Accessorize it!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Molly -

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